With over twenty years in the entertainment business as a theater director, writer, and casting director I am starting a new film company.  Working with celebrities and patrons of the arts is my specialty.  Privately I continue to research and write new biographical stories, scripts and articles. This year I hope to team up with investors and incredible producers to see my historical stories come to life on the big screen.  Aside from my own scripts, I am available to help you write your ideas into a script.  As a full member of the Australian Writers Guild and Directors Guild,  an accredited Casting Director with the AFI and a Wardrobe Stylist from the MEAA, I am at your service.

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Personal Stylist, Vintage clothing collector and sales to fashion enthusiasts and Costume Designers

Working in privately owned boutiques and doing costuming for films and theatre since the 1980's, I have slowly collected too many garments and jewelry for one person. I am now ready to sell off my incredible collection that spans back into the 1800's. I have original pieces worth displaying or using as patterns for new costumes. My intention was to make new garments from old ones but I  do not have the heart to disrupt the original creations so I have decided to sell them instead.

Just think, you will be helping the environment by wearing recycled, older items knowing you will not run into someone else wearing the same outfit, ever. I am happy to rent my items if you prefer, to make you look spectacular for your next big event. I just want a good home for these relics. Think Princess Diana's wedding dress in red satin with black velvet(from Miss Teen for Dallas) or Dynasty sequins with ruffles (from Nashville socialite) from the 80's or maybe a pair of civil war handmade suede lace up boots from Franklin, Tennessee. Or maybe a beaded dress owned by the Mayors wife in the 1940's?

I was a fashion major and art major before switching to theatre full time where I learned most of my sewing skills in the costume department. I have also been the Artistic Director and Costumer Designer on numerous plays and as a coordinator on period television dramas like My Brother Jack.  I also enjoyed  a few projects doing wardrobe standby on historical televison series, like Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe miniseries. So if you want something designed or made I might be able to help.

But as a personal stylist I can shop for you and bring garments to your home for you to try so you never have to face the public while looking for that perfect outfit for a special event.  Feel free to ring me for a consultation. I am also available to help with weddings. I love shopping for the perfect dress. I put together a wedding parties wardrobe for, Mr. Average in one week.  I can also do special beading and train work for the main gown and help to select bridesmaids dresses and take care of the flowers.

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Film & Theatre Set Design/Stylist/Interior Design/Home Decorating

With a quarter of a century creating theatre and film sets, KG Shine has taken the next step into home decorating and interior design.  I can create the most unique and inspiring interior landscape for your home, office, event or production.  Something that represents your style making an oasis for you to live and or work in. With some of the worlds most prestigious antiques and homewares available at my fingertips,  I can help create your dream setting. I can work with any budget. And I believe in using sustainable environmentally friendly products. I think it is super to reuse old homewares and I have a gift for finding unique pieces for less than their worth.  I can find you great investment pieces at markets, seconds stores, garage sales, and auctions. I love and have a knowledge of all eras and styles of decore. I have a certificate in Interior Design and a Theatre Degree. I studied Italian Reniassance Art while at Oxford University. I was also an Art Major for my first year at University.

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Personal Message

I am a dual citizen of the United States and Australia.  I have travelled to over twenty countries and have worked with some of the best directors and actors in the world.

I am sensative to the needs of both the uniquely creative individual as well as those who seek assistance in having a creative voice. I know that with the right guidance, everyone can shine brighter and I hope to help in anyway I can.

My passion for writing and producing began when I was just five years old.  I would take the family movie camera and make my own little productions or write a play to perform with my cousins for the family.

Today I espire to share my talents of creativity with you and share my gift.

As Lillian Gish once said, I want to make an outstanding “contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind's enjoyment and understanding of life.”

With my respect and sincerity,

Kimberly Gelvin



Next Steps...

Contact me anytime for a one on one consultation via skype or in person. I am available globally.  Let's create something stunning together that represents you. Whether it's your autobiography you need turned into a film or a gown for the AFI Awards, I am here for you.

Yes, it is true, I dream of creating the next big historical feature film as well as a rock video or decorate a wedding.  Let me help you make your vision a reality with a budget you can afford. Trust me, I got this. I can create your heaven on earth. Or something dark and poetic if that is what you prefer. Call me.