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My Mission

It is vitally important that what ever your needs or vision, I meet them with the focus they deserve. I aim to create something with love, using exquisite items that will both inspire you and delight.  I find that no matter what I am doing, it is important that I use existing locations, where ever possible, and be as environmentally friendly as possible. The less waste the better.

My Story

I went to Oxford England in the late 1980's to study Italian Renaissance Art and the Poetical playwrights from Restoration to Present  plus studying my major tutorial in Shakespeare because I was, afterall, a theatre major doing an overseas study program. I must say, studying in England opened my eyes to the rich history  in the United Kingdom and Europe.   My writing and research techniques today are a reflection of my time at the Oxford Union where I learned to read three different critics opinions on any given subject or literature before making any conclusions to the questions brought forward to me by my professors. I beleive in telling the truth, so I will be honest with you when I do not like something or feel there is a better choice, be it a color or compositon, or facts pertaining to a story.  I will endevour to give you the most accurate rendition of whatever you are seeking.

I received a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts in Directing and Acting  from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and then, once in Australia, I spent over ten years attending producing, writing, directing, and cimeamatography courses at the top film and drama schools in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia like AFTRS and VCA.

In 2017 I spent a whole summer in Los Angeles observing and attending many large parties and staying in castles, mansions and private homes in some of Hollywoods most prestigious neighbourhoods.  Twice in the same year,  I travelled to the south island of New Zealand and drove across the United States from New York to California and  back again going a different way.  I aim to share my travel stories and my backstage film and theatre stories on my blog. I may even throw in a ghost story or two because I love ghost stories and have been surrounded by spirits my whole life.  This could be why I am so interested in all of the different eras. I like to understand where the people I write about and ghosts I encounter are from. I am an excentric, I admit it.

My background in fashion extends back to my days in Highland Park, Dallas, Texas in the early 80's working in privately owned galleries and boutiques and being a member of the Gelvin family. I also have family ties in Connecticut where I learned the art of antiquing from my Mom who was a dealer for years. I personally have had vintage and antique booths in Nolinsville,Tennessee, Litchfield, Connecticut, and upstate New York. As well as a shed full of props and costumes when I ran my own drama school in Norfolk, Connecticut. I have managed several privately owned and high end boutiques on Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria and in Dallas, Texas.

I spent a few years in casting my own theatre productions, and for films and corporate videos, plus production coordinating for the music industry, and an agent for local musicians, a teaching artist for theatre and film students at prominant theatre companies and studios, a stylist for well known actors.  I enjoyed several productions in both theatre and media doing wardrobe standby work for several tv series and costume designer for numerous theater companies in the 90's. My career highlight was when I ran my own theatre company bringing back forgotten period plays and directing unique surreal and modern productions for New Zealand and Australian producers and writers.

I even acted professionally off and on whenever I got the acting bug but my main focus has always been to make other people shine.

Still to this day I write to create and cast historically based film projects. My first taste of historical films was with Oliver Stone. I helped find all of the musicans that performed in his film, "Born on the Fourth of July", but because I was hired to cast "extras" my cotribution went under the radar for years under Nicolau Casting. But it was actually with my unaccredited company, Underground Artists Agency and On Top of It, that supplied all of the musical talent for the Oscar winning film. I was only twenty-two at the time. Mr. Stone was an inspiration to me. He showed me how to make a film on a low budget and with real people.

I can bring together any vision you might be dreaming of having.

As a writer I was  selected to judge scripts for the Short and Sweet Theater Festival at the Victorian Arts Centre, and for the St. Martins Theatre Playwriting Competition back in 2007. I was the assistant director and editor to such plays  as Remember Ronald Ryan and Seneca. I  helped cast many films and theater productions that have won multiple international awards including an Oscar. I was on the Jury for the AFI Awards in Australia in 2006 in the Best New Young Talent Category.  I was a judge for the same institute from 1993-2012 attending hundreds of screenings. Semi retired for a long time now, due to poor health, I still like to help people shine.

I wish to go by Gish now instead of my birth name Kim, just in case you are wondering.

This year I completed two Professional Certificates. One in "Interior Design and Home Decorating", from Trendmini and another from Skill Success in, "How to Become a Successful Event Planner".

Meet the Team

No matter where you live I will hand-select the top international tradespeople and artisans in your area and from afar to ensure the highest calibre craftsmanship in custom-designed fabrics, furniture, upholstery, cabinetry, and window treatments to guarantee an all-encompassing décor that your heart desires.

Gish Gelvin

Founder of KG Shine Design and Productions

With over twenty years of planning my own theatre events and weddings I also have had the pleasure of planning events for Women in Film and Television and the Australian Directors Guild. I also love to organise private parties and wine tastings for the elite art community. With many years of the fashion industry under my belt I plan to organize private shows for celebrity clientele in the privacy of their own home. I have styled some of Australia's top actors. For fifteen years I worked part time as an acting coach at private studios, schools and theatre companies. These days I am enjoying floristry.

I look forward to helping you with whatever you need from me. Be it a new look for your living room or babies play room, corporate event, or wedding I love to create any event.

 I aim to please and if we can, I want to make sustainable productions, using recycled and upcycled materials and props. But if new is you thats ok too.  Let's go shopping! I love to shop and decorate and write and create a world you can feel comfortible and safe in and most of all, happy .

Next Steps...

Drop me an email or give me a call so we can discuss your needs and budget.