What we do best

Co-ordinating and decorating to suit any event. Fashion shows, weddings, luncheons, special dinners, film and  charity events.

Script and Biography writer

Be it a family member or a long lost favorite artist or war veteran, I can help you research the history if that is what you need.  I am also very happy to talk with you and help you write your memoirs and your personal story/biography as a book or film. I am happy to help you any way I can.

Your Look

I can help you with finding your style or just fine tuning it. I am happy to shop for you, be it for your home or for that special event that you have no idea what to wear. I can also reconstruct an old favorite garment into something new.


Event Planning

With over twenty years of art direction and producing live theater and a few small films, plus working in the music and fashion industries, I now specialize in medium to small events for celebrity and elite clients.  I am happy to coordinate your petite event, and nothing over 400 people for private events.

Upcycling and Recycling is my thing

I have suitcases full of preloved vintage garments and jewelry waiting for their new owner.  But if there is something you want to revamp then I am more than happy to help you come up with something new for that preloved dress you have kept since the 70's or even something from last years awards ceremony or family wedding. The material is just too nice to give away and the memories attached are too precious to part wit so let's design something new.  Plus its better on the enviroment to recycle and upcycle everywhere possible. Let's talk.

Three pieces in one Jewelry design

Next Steps...

Let's talk.  I am available via the phone or we can have a face to face on messenger or skype. I am free to arrange a meeting if we are in the same city. What ever you are most comfortible with to get you the best quote that suits your needs. I believe in quality service and will do everything I can to make the most of it no matter what your budget.