Travel Routes from New York to California and visa versa

Taking a journey across America in a car can be an exciting and challenging venture, especially when you have a pet riding along with you and the car packed to the ceiling with suitcases to fly overseas and to plan to move across the country and to live out of hotels, airbnb’s and hostels along the way. One thing you have to remember is the kitty litter.  And the snack food and drinks which can hold you over for hours so you don’t have to stop too often.

I, for one have a health condition which means I need to stop for exercise and a stretch in order to make the long journey. It does not help to leave two days later than planned.  We left in the middle of the night in the pouring rainto avoid the nine o’clock upstate New York traffic. We knew we needed to cover around 14 hours to make up for lost time You see, we needed to get to Los Angeles two days before our flight because we had our loving kitty, Pebbles with us and we  had to make sure she would be in good hands for the three weeks I would be overseas in Australia and New Zealand. I will get to those trips as well.

So our first stop was in a Motel 6 right next to a restuarant that had burned down the night before. Not the nicest first stop but after 14 hours of driving and sleeping on the floor the night before meant any bed would feel better then where we just were. I can remember worrying about my cat but she seemed fine to sleep anywhere other than the floor at my feet in the car.


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